The least treated symptom

Hello everyone welcome in this post I want to talk about the symptom you seem to get no help with after being diagnosed with MS and that the mental health aspect. It seems like the health care professionals in charge of our care just seem to forget that we are human and we have emotion and they don’t seem to realise how hard it is mentally on someone to be told they have multiple sclerosis I know personally it was mental torture. What they seem to forget is that people being diagnosed with MS go through a series of grieving and there’s 5 stages of grieving denial anger bargaining depression and acceptance. I really don’t think enough is done for people being diagnosed I am all for this changing I will go a little bit into detail of how my mental health has been effected I previously stated in the ‘background’ post my first thought after being diagnosed was I going to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair I felt like crying my eyes out but like I said I put a brave face on but that was just the start true to form I started with the denial I wouldn’t I couldn’t accept I had MS although I had ask about if I can have treatment deep down I didn’t want it because I was fine I didn’t have MS and even if I did I was too big too strong for it to bring me down then the anger started and I was anger with myself I would torment myself trying to think what I had done to deserve this happening to me and being angry with myself to the point I used to hurt myself on purpose then the bargaining started I would cry myself to sleep begging god to take this away from me every night for about 2 or 3 months then the depression started and I have had depression before but it was nothing on this I got to the point where I didn’t want to see the light because I didn’t want to live anymore I thought about suicide many time but the only thing that saved me was the fact I still cared about other people and I couldn’t have put my fiancée and my mother through that after about 6/7 weeks of just sitting on my bed with my eyes closed particularly 24/7 only opening them when someone came into my room to ask me something I got into a funk of just playing the computer from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep which nearly cost me my relationship with my fiancée I slowly came out off the depression and slowly started to accept it but even now sometimes I fall into a funk where I just need to be alone. But 90% of the time I feel happy I don’t think about my MS sometimes I even forget I have it sometimes till I sit their and actually think ‘oh yeah I have MS don’t i’ but my point stands I don’t think enough is done and I will campaign for more mental help for people being diagnosed. I was left to get through everything by myself no one should be left to go through such mental torture that’s why if you are going through a tough time even if you haven’t got MS but you are reading this please don’t suffer alone talk to someone contact me if you have too my twitter and Facebook is linked on here Talking about it doesn’t make you weak it makes you stronger!

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