Hello everyone welcome in this post I wanted to continue to talk about the lack of help for mental health available for MS Patients but I would like to bring up something that I didn’t touch upon in the last post and that is anxiety. I suffered with severe anxiety I got to the point where I could barely step outside the front door that’s why if you have read my ‘background’ post I noted I had to come off Tysabri because off my anxiety I had this anxiety for around 3/4 years which all my doctors knew about my neurologist and my GP yet all I was offered was Antidepressants like drugs were my only option. That was an option I didn’t really want I didn’t want to have to become reliant on a pill just to be able to be able to step outside the door I knew there was other options I knew I could have counselling for it but no matter how much I asked and begged for it I was never offered it but then finally after around 3 years my GP gave in and gave me a card to ring about getting some counselling it took about a month before I started over the phone counselling I only had 2 sessions as the counsellor who was a very nice lady explained to me actually what anxiety was and how to combat it she explained that everyone at some point in there life maybe without even knowing it has suffered from anxiety because what is anxiety? it is just fear if you have ever feared anything you have had anxiety sometimes it last for just that moment and goes but sometime there is an underlying problem that doesn’t allow that fear to leave like there was with me and when this happens it causes other problems like claustrophobic which is what I had which is why I was struggling to go out it also makes the depression worse and Vice versa so anxiety is definitely something that needs sorting out if you are ever going to move past the 4th stage of the grieving system and more support should be available because if it isn’t the depression will just get worse and worse till you feel trapped like theirs nowhere to turn too. So she gave me some exercises to help with the anxiety like detracting my self by binging a little band on my wrist and breathing techniques but ultimately told me only I could fight it and beat it I had to find my own way of doing so. So what helped me? Quite a few things really helped me beat it like music watching videos on YouTube but the biggest help was I put together my own little dreams/bucket list together of thing I WAS Going to and AM going to be doing as soon as I am fit enough and they’re ranged from competing in the London Marathon in one way or another getting married to my fiancée and going to Green Bay to visit lambeau field (Green Bay packers nfl stadium) for a game. I feel like if I had got that help from the counsellor a lot earlier I could have beaten it a lot earlier but instead I spent almost 3 years with it just getting worse and worse. Healthcare professionals need to realise there is more options for anxiety and depression than drugs and they need too utilise those options.

One thought on “Trapped

  1. As another sufferer of anxiety,I know exactly what you’re talking about.Well done Ed for getting your thoughts out there where they can help not only yourself but others.Love you xx


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