Hello everyone welcome or if you’ve ever been here before welcome back today I want to kind of continue with the mental health issues but today I want to talk about for me one of the biggest Weapons against Multiple Sclerosis and that is the last stage of the grieving process I touched upon in my “the least treated symptom” post and that is Acceptance you may have to go through hell to get their and you may feel like your life is falling apart but don’t give up keep fighting because if you are already in hell then keep going because that felling you will get when you get through the other side and you can finally accept that you have MS is a magical feeling you can finally start to piece your life back together it is when you can truly start your fight back! It is when you can finally start to plan again! You will find a strength you never knew you had! A determination not to give in. And that goes for everyone fight MS or any other emotional demon once you get to hell keep going theirs nothing else to be frightened off! I promise whenever you accept whatever that demon is you will be able to start putting your life back together and you will have a strength you too didn’t know was in you! So what is my point? My point is no matter what you are going through keep fighting keep going you are doing great and you are not alone I promise and you will soon reach acceptance and things will get easier!

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