The Future is Bright

Hello everyone!! and no don’t worry I’m not trying to sell you a Phone contract! Today’s I want would like to talk a bit about how I am personally at the moment. At this moment in time my Multiple Sclerosis is relapsing and I have to be honest it is beating me up both physically and mentally! But I won’t give up! Why? Because I can’t! I have taken a bit off time to myself to get my head around it and I have accepted it now. There is no shame in admitting you are struggling and you need some help. Although there isn’t a lot I can do for the physical effect it is having on me other than to rest up take my steroids and allow my body to heal up. There is a lot I can do mentally to beat it! So what is going to get me through this? Well to be honest with you the future. The thought of the journey I am about to embark upon! Up till this point all my post have been about the past and my story up till now but that is exactly what it is. It is my story not my journey! My journey starts now and the future is bright i have so much to look forward too like starting my treatment once my body has healed. I have a beautiful fiancée that I want to spend the rest off my life with and I have a beautiful baby boy that is my everything and the thought of watching him grow up and watching him become the beautiful person I know he will grow into makes me feel so proud already! There are other things in the pipeline as well that are VERY exciting and that is all I can do look to the future! Because it’s bright! And I will look forward to sharing it all with everyone!

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