Hello everyone I was really struggling to think of a subject to post about today so I thought I would just share a few pieces of news and I wanted to say thank you. First things first an update on my current relapse touch wood I believe the steroids are starting to work I have more feeling in my body and the optic neuritis is starting to clear up so I can actually half see what I am typing and saying! Secondly I would like to say a big thank you to anyone who has been reading my post and keeps coming back and who have followed me. It means so much. I have talked so much about acceptance in my posts but until I started doing this blog almost a week ago I don’t think I have quite felt as well emotionally as I do now. Sure I accepted that I had MS but I still don’t think I could quite move on from it properly. Thanks to doing this I feel like I finally can. And I can’t finally start planning for my future. I hope that at least one off my post have helped you so far that is all I want from this to help people who need it! Please don’t be scared to reach out if you need too! And while on the subject off helping people and finally feeling like I can plan for the future and move on the last bit of news I would like to share is I have just enrolled in a diplomacy for psychology and counselling! Which I will be starting very soon! If I may end this post with just letting you all know what my vision for this blog going forward is. My vision is to continue to help people. I aim to continue to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis and push for more support for people with Multiple Sclerosis. I’m also going to look at mental health in general and try to use the skills I learn from my diploma to help people like I said I just want to help those who need support. I hope to grow a platform from this and hope that if you are struggling and you come to me and I help in any way and you see someone else struggling to recommend me to them and I can help them! I am looking to add more content in the form off charities in the form off information to inform people about there work and give them a way to get in contact with them I have a few interviews coming up with as couple of charities so please continue to follow and share on here on Facebook Twitter and Instagram. Together we can help everyone who needs it! EST (Everybody Stand Together) Thank you!

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