Time to fight

Hello everyone I hope everyone is well! today I started studying for my diploma in physiology and Counselling that’s why this post is later than usual! I was asked why I decided to do the diploma well the answer is simple to help people the reason I started this blog was because I struggled so much mentally from my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis I wanted to have my story told and to help others struggling mentally whether that being from a diagnosis of an illness or a bereavement or anything else for that matter for me to do that I must understand the psyche because if I can understand that I can truly help! I have already learned so much and seen where the problems I had in myself came from! I was also asked why I focus some much on the physiological effects off multiple sclerosis this is because like I have said previously I do not believe you get enough support for it after diagnosis and I generally feel that the mental battle is the hardest battle much harder than any physical battle. I also feel until you have managed to accept it and got your psyche back together you can’t truly fight the physical battle anyway! I thought I had got my psyche back together and started to fight the physical battle but deep down I hadn’t it just took one bump in the road to bring me back down! But this time I have got my psyche back together and I am ready to finally fight and get back to normality because I have become stronger because of the MS not in spite of the MS!

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