Hello everyone another day another post the post I was hoping to bring you today isn’t ready just yet unfortunately. So I had to think of a new post but I was struggling so I started work on the new page I launched today title ‘MS Fun Page’ if you have been through it you would see the part about making a MS playlist together and I put a couple song on for myself to start and there  is one song on there in particular that I started to think about and why it means so much to me which lead to me deciding that in tonight’s post I would like to dissect the song and just explain why and what about it means so much to me.  That song is called Walk By Foo Fighters if you haven’t heard it don’t worry I will tell you the lyrics and explain how they relate to me. I have no idea off the point of view Dave Grohl was  coming from when he wrote this or what the message of story  was behind it but that is the thing with music it can be interpreted by anyone to mean anything. So lets get into the song. The opening lines are  ‘A million miles away Your signal in the distance To whom it may concern’ this make me think back to how alone and scared I felt when I was first dragonised with my MS and I was just searching for some help and some answers it carries on to say  ‘I think I lost my way Getting good at starting over Every time that I return’  these lyrics bring back memories off a bit latter down the line when I thought I had got over the diagnosis mentally but I hadn’t and any bump in the road would bring me back down. ‘Learning to walk again I believe I’ve waited long enough Where do I begin?’ this is something I started to sing to myself after I had my first relapse that left me unable to walk for months ‘Learning to talk again Can’t you see I’ve waited long enough? Where do I begin?’ learning to talk again was around the time of that same relapse but it wasn’t in a physical talking manner I had to learn to talk again it was in a more mental manner ‘Do you remember the days? We built these paper mountains Then sat and watched them burn’ I have never actually built paper mountains nor have I sat and watched them burn but for me this was more about remember my life prior to my MS and all the fun thing I used to do that I could no longer do which bring in nicely to the next line ‘I think I found my place Can’t you feel it growing stronger Little conquerors’ because why I couldn’t have that fun physically anymore I had to sort off live in a fantasy dream world to have my fun. The rest all the song kind of all ties in together and it goes ‘Now, For the very first time Don’t you pay no mind Set me free, again  To keep alive, a moment at a time That’s still inside, a whisper to a riot The sacrifice, the knowing to survive The first decline, another state of mind I’m on my knees, I’m praying for a sign Forever, whenever, I never wanna die I never wanna die I never wanna die I’m on my knees, I never wanna die I’m dancing on my grave I’m running through the fire Forever, whenever I never wanna die I never wanna leave I’ll never say goodbye Forever, whenever Forever, whenever’ this all just ties in to how I feel now I have truly accepted it. I feel free again it makes me look back at everything I have been through and see the sacrifices I have to go through I know there are going to be hard times ahead but I can get through it because I have been there and come through the other end. I have so much to look forward to now I don’t ever want to die I don’t ever want it to end for the first time since I was diagnosed. Thank you Dave Grohl for writing the sound track off my life with MS. I have learned to talk again and pretty soon I will be learning to walk again 

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