Fight of my life

Hello everyone I hope everyone is doing well! I am struggling at the moment through tiredness from lack of sleep from the steroids and things. But other than that I am doing well… tonight I wanted to post to just explain what I feel you need to beat MS and why I finally feel like I can beat MS. The first thing I feel you need to beat MS is I’ve said it a lot of times in many off my post is acceptance. I finally feel like I have accepted my diagnosis now and I have moved/beginning to move on and lot off that acceptance has come since doing this blog. Doing this blog I have found myself surrounded with others with MS and seeing there stories and how they get on with their lives has really helped me. The second thing i believe you must have to beat MS is stubbornness anyone that knows me knows I have this in abundance I have always had a stubbornness towards MS a refusal to let MS win that’s why I would never go in my wheelchair and I would always struggle on my crutches but this stubbornness I have now not to let MS win is even stronger than ever before and I’m not quite sure how to explain it to be honest! The next thing I think you need to beat MS is Anger yes I said Anger I believe you need a bit of Anger to beat MS. If used in the right way I believer anger can be a gift how so? Well put it this way ever been written off because of your MS? Been told you won’t be able to do this anymore because of your MS? And just thought I will show you… that’s the anger you need to beat MS and the anger that is a gift. I have been written off by a lot of people a lot of times because of my MS and I have a lot of people to prove wrong and the last thing is the only thing I don’t think I ever had the tipping point if you will and that is something to fight for! until now I was unneeded on this world no one needed me sure people loved me and wanted me around but no one needed me but now I have my beautiful little boy that’s my reason to fight because he truly needs me he relies on me being his dad. I will fight till death for him and boy am I in the fight of my life but I will not quit I will never give up!

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