Hello everyone! As always I hope you are all well!. Today I started the reconstruction of the treatments page please go check it out. I would appreciate some feedback if you have any! It’s still a work in progress I am looking to talk to people on all the treatments and add peoples experiences on the treatments. I have started the journey I wanted to do with this blog and that was to use it as a platform to inform, support and raise awareness of MS. Raising awareness is the only way we will ever find a cure for anything. The more people talk about it the better we can understand things. There are a lot of plans in the pipe line for this blog. I’m hoping to bring you interviews from MS specialist researches and other inspiring stories from MS patients! I definitely feel like I’ve started to move towards that now! And just before I go I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has been reading these I’ve been doing about 10/11 days now and I have already had almost 400 views so thank you all so much and please stay tuned there’s a lot to come!

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