Let’s Talk

Hello everyone as always I hope you are well! I have no idea on any subject(s) to talk about tonight. So I am just sitting here starring at this blank page and I am just going to type away and we will see what comes out! I’ve been learning a lot about role play for my diploma so maybe we can try that? Maybe I will give you a scenario for you to play in your head maybe some off you won’t have to role play because you have been there or are there now and we can go from there so over the past couple of months things haven’t been right with you. You can’t explain it but all you know is you have a funny feeling in your limbs your eyesight has been going funny you keep dropping things you keep tripping over nothing all you know is you are sitting in front of a neurologist he has just diagnosed you with MS. How are you feeling? From my experience you are probably feeling scared wondering what the future holds will you be spending your life in a wheelchair? Will you be able to continue to have a normal life? Is there a cure or treatment? Wondering how do I tell people? Will people see me differently? Am I right? Well let’s talk about these feelings. These feelings and questions are perfectly normal for you to have. That moment you are diagnosed is like someone has just turned your world upside down you have all these plans for your life and now you have a world of uncertainty throw upon you. Let’s talk about each question one by one now ‘will I be spending my life in a wheelchair ?’ I see a poll somewhere(can’t remember where but it may have been through the MS Society) and this was people’s first thought after diagnosis and let’s be honest it’s everyone’s worst nightmare but in reality it’s estimated that only 25% of MS patients in the world end up in a wheelchair. Ok 25% sounds a lot but is it really when almost 100% off people expect too? Not really. But let’s say the worst case you do end up in a wheelchair does that stop you living a normal life? Not really in today’s day and age you can still live a normal day to day life I always refused to use my wheel when I needed it but it really isn’t something to be ashamed off it just makes life easier. Will you be able to continue to live a normal life? Yes 100% you can. You may have to listen to your body more and rest a bit more but it doesn’t have to effect the quality of your life! You can still do almost everything anyone else can do! Is there a cure or treatments? Unfortunately no there isn’t a cure but there are many treatments and they can be very good at slowing down the MS it’s just a case of finding the one that works for you to help maintain a ‘normal’ life! How do I tell people? Well quite frankly just tell them you shouldn’t be ashamed this isn’t something you get because you have done something wrong which brings me to the last question will people see me differently? Well if they do then let them and use that to show them that you aren’t different use that to fight to beat the MS quite frankly show them that they were wrong to ‘pity’ you because you will become stronger because of the MS not in spite of it! And as for what the future holds? The future hold whatever you want it to hold. Even with MS you CAN achieve whatever you set your mind too!

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