Candice’s Story

Hello everybody! As always I hope you are well. The other day I shared a story about ‘Megan’ in tonight’s post I would like to share another persons story that person is a young girl who goes by the name of Candice.

Candice is 18 years old and she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 11 after being rushed to hospital after having a seizure she lost all feeling down her left hand side was unable to walk talk eat or drink. She had to be fed through a pipe. Prior to being rushed to hospital she had blurred vision and fatigue. She was in hospital for at least 2 weeks every day at first it was thought Candice had epilepsy but after a series of test including An MRI they found lesions on her MRI so decided to do a Spinal Tap (lumber puncher) and it confirmed it was MS. I asked Candice how she felt being diagnosed at 11 she explained to me that at first she never really understood. All she knew was she would have horrible pains in her legs and be up all night screaming in pain. But as she got older she started to do a lot off research about MS. Candice told me that when she was around 15 she finallyrealised what it was she had and was petrified because she didn’t want know what to do or what was going to happen. Candice was put on Avonex when she was 12 but she was unable to inject herself so had to come of it she was then put on Aubagio which she was on for 2 years it was working well for her but she had a relapse at the end of the 2 years so come of it. Candice has recently started cladribine (Mavenclad) and so far so good!

I wish Candice the best of luck with the Cladribine(Mavenclad) I hope it works well for you! I also wish her the best of luck with her MS. Talking to Candice I can tell she has done a lot of research about MS. What it is and what it does. When I heard Candice’s story I asked her if she had a blog as I thought her story should be heard she told me she didn’t but would love to have one and she has since started one. You can check it out here. I would recommend it. It’s very informative!

Lastly I would just like to Thank Candice for allowing me to share her story! 

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