Hello everyone! Sorry I never posted last night I just couldn’t manage to find time to write one! I have just started a discoed channel what is discord? Discord it a free communication software/app when people can talk to each other you will find the follow link in the ‘Follow At’ section. Tonight I have just taken my last steroid! Which means in two weeks I will have a blood test and hopefully if my lymphocytes are at a normal level I will be able to start my treatment! Which brings me to what I want to talk about tonight my treatment Mavenclad you can find information on mavenclad on my treatments page but tonight I want to talk about how I feel about it and a little bit about what it is. So what is mavenclad? Mavenclad is a chemo style drug it wipes out part of your immune system in hope of killing off the bad cells and new good cells will grow in their place! What am I expecting? To be honest from what I have heard I’m expecting to be extremely tired in the beginning. How do I feel about it? I’m really excited. I’m not nervous or anything I’m too excited to start it I would start it this minute if I could! Why am I so excited? Because I’ve waited so long to get on another treatment and the possibilities for this treatment could be endless if I can tolerate it and it works well for me then it can give me some normality back on my life! I am full off hope with this treatment! And hope is all you can have!

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