Hello everyone! As always I hope you are well! In today’s post I want to talk about about everyone’s worst fear when being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and that’s ending up/spending your life in a wheelchair. I am hoping that by talking about this I can help relieve the stigma attached to being in a wheelchair but to do that we must understand where the stigma comes from. I believe part of it come from the olden days when becoming wheelchair bound made life very hard and it often meant losing your independence with the lack of accessibility. But time has moved on and it is no longer like that it is very possible to be wheelchair bound and still have your independence in a wheelchair in today’s day and age the world is getting more and more accessible and wheelchair friendly. I believe another part of it is people are ashamed that they are disabled. This is very silly never be ashamed at being disabled. Being disabled isn’t something you have chosen it is not something you have caught by doing something you shouldn’t have done. It is just something you cannot control. Don’t ever feel ashamed about that I for one believe it’s time to get rid of this stigma attached to being in a wheelchair! No one wants to be in a wheelchair but if you end up in a wheelchair I believe it’s time to be proud. I was one that would refuse to use my wheelchair because of the stigma attached to it but I have learnt it is nothing to be ashamed about

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