You are not alone

Hello everyone as always I hope you are well. Sorry for not posting yesterday again I have just been so tired since coming off the steroids but I started to get a bit more energy and feeling less tired now. Tonight I want to post a message to anyone just being diagnosed with MS. If you have found yourself here and you have just been diagnosed with MS then this post is to you.

To anyone who has just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis I am so sorry to hear. I know you are probably still in shock and feeling confused and have a million questions. You may be thinking this is the end of your life and your dreams but I promise this isn’t the end of your life. You can still live a ‘normal’ life and live out your dreams. Especially now with how far the treatments have come. I know you are probably feeling alone but I promise you you are not alone! Everyone’s MS is different but there will be someone who has been or is going through what you have gone through! And the MS community is so supportive. Ever since doing this blog I have found that the MS community is like a family and no one fights alone. Theirs always someone to talk to somewhere on a MS forum and please don’t ever hesitate to contract me if you wish too.

Yours sincerely


One thought on “You are not alone

  1. I know how hard it can be when first diagnosed with MS. I have been living with it for 18 years now and yet I remember the day the doctor told me what I would be facing. I loved this post and really look forward to reading more of your posts! Take care and I hope if you have time, you will check out my site!!!


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